CFI投资3美元.在uedbet最新官网登录研究9 M

Announced today by the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, 部长的创新, 科学和工业, 15名uedbet最新官网登录的研究人员总共获得了3美元.9 million from the Canada Foundation for 创新’s John R. 埃文斯领袖基金(CFI JELF). The Quebec government will provide matching funds for these awards.

发表: 21 9月 2022


但并非所有冲动行为都与精神疾病有关, a wide range of mental health disorders which often emerge in adolescence, 包括抑郁和药物滥用, 与冲动有关吗. So, finding a way to identify and treat those who may be particularly vulnerable to impulsivity early in life is especially important.

发表: 21 9月 2022


Purpose is to understand post-COVID symptom evolution and impact on patients’ lives

截止到9月. 20、2022年,已经有1个以上.魁北克省有100万例COVID-19病例. It is estimated that 10 to 30 per cent of cases will have lingering symptoms after the acute illness. 这意味着多达330个,000 Quebecers may experience what’s become known as long COVID, 或post-COVID-19综合症.

发表: 20 9月 2022

Sea level rise: rapid and unstoppable unless Paris Agreement targets met

图片说明:波弗特海上的麦肯齐河三角洲, a low-lying region in the Canadian Arctic that is vulnerable to rising seas in a warming climate. 图片来源:Nadia和Harold Gomez

发表: 16 9月 2022

Exercise may be key to developing treatments for rare movement disorder

Spinal cerebellar ataxia 6 (SCA6) is an inherited neurological condition which has a debilitating impact on motor coordination. 影响大约百分之一的人,000人, the rarity of SCA6 has seen it attract only limited attention from medical researchers. To date, there is no known cure and only limited treatment options exist.

发表: 16 9月 2022

Three McGill Professors Receive Royal Society of Canada Medals

Three McGill researchers have been honoured with prestigious medals from the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Associate Professor Daryl Haggard of the Department of Physics was awarded the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics—named after one of McGill's most famous radiation physicists—for her pioneering studies of neutron stars and black holes.

发表: 13 9月 2022



肌肉的最小组成部分, 肌球蛋白和肌动蛋白, may be targeted to contribute to more effective treatment methods against heart and muscle diseases, say a group of international researchers at uedbet最新官网登录 and Linnaeus University.

发表: 8 9月 2022

Ten students at uedbet最新官网登录 receive Canada’s largest Science, 技术, 工程和数学奖学金

Ten students have been named uedbet最新官网登录’s recipients of the prestigious Schulich Leader Scholarships, 加拿大总理的科学, 技术, 工程和数学(STEM)奖学金.

uedbet最新官网登录校友西摩·舒立克创建, 二元同步通信61, MBA 65, DLitt 04年, the Schulich Leader Scholarships are awarded to entrepreneurial-minded students who’ve demonstrated academic excellence and display leadership, 魅力和创造力.

发表: 6 9月 2022

Fifteen McGill researchers and scholars honoured by the Royal Society of Canada

今天, The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) announced 102 new Fellows and 54 new Members of the College of New Scholars, 艺术家, 和科学家. Among the 2022 cohort are fifteen McGill researchers and scholars, 包括11名皇家研究委员会成员和4名新成员, who will be inducted at the RSC Celebration of Excellence and Engagement on November 25, 2022, 在卡尔加里, 阿尔伯塔省.

发表: 6 9月 2022


It’s no secret that the internet and social media fuel rampant spread of misinformation in many areas of life. 一群研究人员, 包括凯瑟琳•斯科特, uedbet最新官网登录莱曼实验室博士后研究员, have explored this phenomenon as it applies to news about spiders. 判决结果?

发表: 1 9月 2022

McGill launches Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute to advance world-leading research into sports science and human performance

A $29-million gift from Quebec-born entrepreneur Sylvan Adams will launch an exciting venture for McGill’s Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education in the Faculty of Education, ushering in a new era of world-leading research and discovery in sports science, uedbet最新官网登录的长期目标是提高精英员工的表现, 促进人类一生中更健康的生活方式.

发表: 31 8月 2022

New research pavilion will advance understanding of extreme weather events and ecosystem effects

The new Adaptable Earth Observation System (AEOS) research facility at the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont-Saint-Hilaire is open for business for those conducting cutting-edge research on extreme weather conditions. 它也是高级生态学研究的实验室.

发表: 29 8月 2022

Moshe Safdie, 世界上最受欢迎和最有影响力的建筑师之一, 将他的专业档案捐赠给uedbet最新官网登录

Moshe Safdie, the renowned architect behind some of the world’s most celebrated buildings, 把他的专业档案捐给了母校, uedbet最新官网登录, and pledged his personal apartment at Habitat 67 to ensure that it remains a resource for the University and the public at large.

发表: 23 8月 2022

Greenland’s Indigenous population favours extracting and exporting sand from melting ice sheet

A national survey of close to 1000 adults in Greenland (where approximately 90% of the population is Indigenous) conducted by a uedbet最新官网登录-led research team has found that a surprisingly large majority – 3 out of 4 Greenlanders – support extracting and exporting sand left by the melting ice sheet. A significant proportion want Greenland’s leadership to assess the impact of sand extraction and exports on both the environment and economy.

发表: 18 8月 2022

Largest-ever gift to McGill’s School of Continuing Studies will establish unique professional development program for members of marginalized groups

uedbet最新官网登录’s School of Continuing Studies is launching a unique experiential training and professional development program, with support from a $2-million community investment from Scotiabank, to help members of underrepresented local communities and newcomers to Canada, 包括难民, build the durable skills they need to pursue their career paths.

发表: 16 8月 2022